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Representing the French Defence Ministry in the Embassy, the Defence Attaché is responsible for liaising with the Swedish military authorities.

In conventional order, the Defence Attaché is ranked third in the Embassy after the Ambassador and Minister Counsellor.

Head of the military mission, he coordinates its work and is responsible for:

  • Informing the Swedish about French defence policy and armed forces capabilities and equipment
  • Reporting to the French authorities developments in Swedish defence policy
  • Promoting Franco-Swedish military relations
  • Advising the Ambassador and providing him with expertise on all defence-related issues
  • Contributing to the promotion of the French defence industry.


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Mission Militaire Française
Kommendörsgatan 13
Box 5135, 102 43 STOCKHOLM
Fax: 00 46 (0) 8 459 53 51

Defence Attaché

Maître principal Olivier JACQUEMIN
Deputy Defence Attaché

Translator / Press and information

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