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When living in Sweden, French people are automatically subjected to Swedish law. But they remain under the protection of France. The head of the Consular Section and its staff can advise them on different actions they want to accomplish and assist them in case of difficulties (serious accident or illness, assault or robbery, arrest / imprisonment etc...)

The consular team is assisted by five volunteers honorary consuls throughout Sweden. Their first task is the inclusion of French poeple in the register of French nationals settled outside France.

The consulate issues passports, national identity cards and other administrative documents.

They uppdate Vital records.

They perform census of young French poeple and organize the Defense and Citizenship Day. They are also in charge of elections.

The head of the consular section chairs the local board for scholarships, the consular committee for social action, and the consular committee for employment and vocational training. It must also ensure the safety of the French community (prevention and crisis).

The Consular Section is also responsible for informing foreigners people wishing to travel to France and to issue visa.


Ms Amandine LEBAS
Head of Consulate

Address: Kommendörsgatan 13
Box 5335, 102 47 Stockholm

Phone Secretary: 0046 (0) 8 45 95 300
Phone Vital records and French nationality: 0046 (0) 8 45 95 324
Phone Visa, register of French nationals settled outside France, ID and passeport, elections, scolarship: (


Consular agencies in Sweden

Consular agencie in Gothenburg: Mr. Erik Svensson
Address: Västra Hamngatan 24-26, 411 17 Göteborg
Phone: 070 748 16 81
Opening times: 10:00-12:00. Compulsory appointment by phone before the visit.

Consular agencie in Malmö: Mr. Mikael Roos
Address: Ribersborgsvägen 14 B, 217 53 Malmö
Phone: 040 98 41 04
Opening times: Tuesday 9:00-12:00 and Thursday 14:00 -17:00.

Consular agencie in Helsingborg: Agneta Ekström
Address: c/o Yves Rocher, Box 930. Strandbadsvägen 13 B, 25109 Helsingborg
Phone: 070-2505138

Consular agencie in Umeå: Mr. Michel Gautier
Address: Skidspåret 18A, 903 39 Umeå
Phone: 090 77 68 05 / 073-048 71 60
Opening times: Compulsory appointment by phone before the visit.

Consular agencie in Luleå: Ms Birgitta Lindfors
Address: Slåttervägen 33, 954 35 Gammelstad
Phone: 0920-25 11 14 ou 070-325 11 14

Updated 01/08/2016

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